Monday, 15 November 2010

Is this a Thylacine?

Tonight Channel 9 news in Victoria aired the following footage, along with an overview of where the Thylacine cloning project is at - still going apparently, which means they must have sunk a few million into the project to date. Victorian researcher Murray McAllister captured the strange-looking animal on film a year ago - Thylacine or fox? Tell us what you think...


  1. Some years ago I saw something run in front of my car while driving into Bairnsdale, VIC (a few km's out) whch was too elongated to be a dog and more ridgid back than a cat. I draw it the second I got to the house and predictably was made fun of. Nice to see mounting evidence that perhaps I wasn't seeing things that night. And yes, I know, how could it be in such a buisy traffic corridor. I don't know. It did look very much like this video. Thanks!

  2. W@W! Everyone seems to be picking up on our scoop, including some well-established cryptozoology websites. Great to see we have so many people reading the blog - thanks for dropping by :-)



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